TreeHugger Asks: What's a Good, Green, Cheap Shampoo?


TreeHugger's own John Laumer is having a hard time finding a shampoo he likes. He says, "For weeks now I have been stymied in my efforts to buy a TreeHugger-friendly shampoo that is non-allergenic and reasonably priced. Like about 12% of the US population, I am a moderately allergic person: mainly to pollens but also bird feathers, cat dander and dog saliva, etc. The 'natural' hair care products I see at TH-friendly retailers like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods are all more expensive than I'd like to pay, and are sold in smaller containers, which means more wasted packaging polymer per shower. I just refuse to spend a half buck each time I wash my hair. Unfortunately, cheap shampoos inevitably have awful scents added and often have carcinogenic azo dyes. Also, the majority of shampoos sold in the US today have proteins added to make one's hair fluff up and have 'body'. The nasty preservatives Bonnie mentions in her recent post are needed to prevent bacteria from degrading those proteins and causing a stink in the bottle, so I don't want those either. The ideal shampoo I am looking for has no scents or colorants; it gets my hair clean and that's it. It costs less because there's less junk in it, and it's only sold in large containers." So, faithful TreeHugger readers, can you help him out? If you know (or use) a shampoo that meets John's criteria, please leave details and ideas in the comments section below.