Sylk Personal Lubricant

The other day we were ruminating on natural lubricants for shaving. Well, there are other body parts that can also benefit from some lubrication on occasion. And being a Treehugger reader you'd probably be just as keen to avoid petrocemicals and parabens* down there, as well. If so, maybe Sylk is for you. It's said to be a 100% natural formulation, based on an extract of kiwifruit vine, with grapefruit seed extract as the preservative. And seemingly this produces an "ultra slippery, long lasting, non-sticky" lubricant that will "alleviate dryness, enhance sensitivity and increase sexual enjoyment." Will wonders never cease—something green for the inbetween. (*According to a little fact file on the Sylk site, the US EPA reckon parabens have "proven endocrine-disrupting and mutagenic effects", which might be the reason behind the Australian distributor of Sylk donating a percentage of their profits to the Cancer Council.) ::Sylk