Skoah Skin Care Helps Conquer Vexing Hotel Waste Problem

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The bane: Tiny bottles in the hotel room. Not mini-bar tiny bottles, mind you, but the shampoo-conditioner-shower-gel-moisturizer family of tiny bottles. They waste plastic, they waste product, and more often than not get spirited away to die an ignominious death in the darkness of guest-bathroom drawers in homes across the globe.

The solution: Figure out a way for hotels to dispense house amenities in a sustainable way. Which is exactly what skoah will be doing when a new 356-room luxury hotel, The Revere, opens its doors in Boston on April 16.

Skoah, the cult Canadian haven for heavenly facials, has divined the perfect mix of Mother Nature and modern science for their hair and skin care products, which will be available to hotel guests via dispensers mounted in the bathrooms. Dispensers! It’s such an obvious arrangement.

Since opening their first spa-shop in the Yaletown district of Vancouver in 2001, skoah has expanded to include six locations in Canada and one in Boston. The company has long focused on custom facials and creating simple yet effective products made with plant extracts, natural minerals, and organic compounds.

It’s a company with a green heart of gold: Their old towels are reused by the SPCA; their old bedding is reused by the Salvation Army shelter; and they recycle all plastic and paper products, just to mention a few of their earth-adoring initiatives.

How fitting, then, that their gentle products will now be just a squirt, rather than a tiny non-recyclable bottle, away.

If you won't be luxury hoteling in Boston or visiting Vancouver soon, you can also find skoah products online and through select retail and spa locations.

Skoah Skin Care Helps Conquer Vexing Hotel Waste Problem
The Vancouver-based skincare company has teamed up with The Revere in Boston to tackle plastic chaos.

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