Safer Products Project

Clean Production Action, in association with seven environmental organizations across the US, runs the Safer Products Project, which studies the chemical emissions and residues in household products, furniture and computers.

TreeHugger will be going after those dust bunnies with a vengeance after reviewing their new report Sick of Dust.The study examined dust collected from vacuums in 70 houses from 7 states, and found Phtalates (plasticisers for soft vinyl), flame retardants and other chemicals, many of which have been linked to adverse effects in animal studies.

Many come from pesticides and cleaning products and can be avoided by substituting natural cleaners. Others, like the fire retardant PDBE used in furniture and computer monitor cases, are slowly being phased out, so it is probably time for that new sofa or flat screen monitor you have been craving.


The Chemical House guide grades manufacturers and retailers on their policies with respect to eliminating harmful chemicals from their products. Only one company gets any green ratings- IKEA, although they are just dealing with mainstream manufacturers and suppliers. :: Safer Products Project [by Lloyd Alter]

Safer Products Project
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