Natural Beauty Products Delivered to Your Door, Recycling Included

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Goodebox, the service that delivers a monthly surprise bag of all-natural beauty products to your door, has launched an innovative recycling program that works to benefit the awesome watchdog workhorse, Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Goodebox selects products that are thoroughly evaluated, from mission-based brands that are committed to using the best, non-toxic ingredients. Each month members receive a minimum of six products for $16, as well as coupons and other special offers. It’s such a great idea, until it comes to all the packaging -- lots of wee little bottles and such. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, thirty percent of landfill waste is from packaging.

So to reduce the amount of packaging waste cluttering landfills, Goodebox has joined TerraCycle’s Personal Care and Beauty Brigade. This innovative recycling program works to tackle waste from hair care, skin care and cosmetic packaging. All non-recyclable beauty product packaging that can't be traditionally recycled can be sent to TerraCycle, free of charge, to be made into new products.

For every unit of waste collected from Goodebox members, two cents will be contributed to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, the comprehensive guide that rates over 74,000 products for toxicity.

In addition, Goodebox members will earn bonus samples for every 20 units they send to TerraCycle. Natural beauty expert Jessa Blades, the Guest Expert Curator for the May Goodebox says:

As a professional in the beauty industry, I see an incredible amount of waste generated that more often than not, can’t be recycled. Mascara tubes, foundation bottles, pressed powder compacts, and the list goes on. A program like this one, where consumers can not only take charge of their personal waste, but also benefit a charity that supports cleaner, safer beauty, is a win-win.

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Natural Beauty Products Delivered to Your Door, Recycling Included
Beauty products provider Goodebox offers package recycling bonuses for customers and money for EWG's Cosmetics Database.

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