MSR Packtowel UltraLite

packtowl_ultralite2.JPGMSR’s newest packtowels are also their best. Skip the Packtowel Personal and the Packtowel Original and head straight for the UltraLite. These towels are extremely lightweight, but very durable and absorbent for their size. And as soon as you squeeze them out, they’re dry. They’re an excellent replacement for cotton terry towels that create dusty allergens in environmentally sensitive homes. MSR (maker of some of the finest snowshoes on earth, we might add) designed these towels for outdoorsy camping-type situations, but they’re a must-have item on any packing list, eco-touristic or otherwise. Also consider using them in place of paper towels in your home. They’re also great for cleaning, wash well, and will save you a bundle on paper towels. $8.95-27.95 ::MSR

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