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Using herbs for preventative or curative health is as old as humankind. But these days before we put some lotion or other on our skin it seems we need a PHD in chemistry to understand the product's ingredients. Elemental Herbs take a different approach and make lip balms, sun creams, and such like, from stuff we know the names of like: calendula, comfrey, lavender, yarrow, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and so on. Most of which are certified organic as well.

Throw in a solar-powered kitchen, strawbale greenhouse, biodiesel vehicles, recycled packaging, composting toilet, and much more and you begin to see why Elemental Herbs, a five year old business, were winners of the 2010 San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Green Awards.Elemental Herbs's commitment to environmental practices does seem to go well beyond the skin deep efforts of some other businesses. For example, on top of the above noted initiatives, they run Permaculture Design Courses and host WOOFers (willing workers on organic farms). They don't test their products on defenceless animals. They donate 1% of all sales - before any expenses - to One Percent for the Planetr. They've undergone a B Company assessment to verify their green bona fides.

The Green Award from San Luis Obispo County Elemental Herbs was based on the company's efforts to reduce pollution, conserve resources and improve air and water quality.

Check out more of their certified organic lotions and potions, designed especially for those living an outdoor life, on their website: Elemental Herbs. Initial lead from Sports One Source.

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