Meet 'Farm to Girl' -- the world's first zero waste, closed loop, non-toxic skin care company

Farm to Girl skin care products
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Farm to Girl is my new favourite skin care company. Its goal is to be the first zero waste, closed-loop, non-toxic skin and baby care company on the planet – and it’s well on its way to getting there. Unlike so many other natural skin care companies that target a single aspect of green beauty while ignoring other crucial issues, i.e. going chemical-free, or offering non-plastic packaging, or buying fair-trade and directly sourced ingredients, Farm to Girl does it all!

All Farm to Girl products are 100% chemical-free.

The list of ingredients is short and entirely legible – no pocket guides to toxic chemicals required. Products are formulated with a small number of natural and organic oils, teas, flowers, fruits, honey, beeswax, and water. There are no parabens, formaldehyde donors, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), artificial preservatives, colours, or fragrances, petrochemicals, or hormone disruptors. You could probably eat the stuff – and I wouldn’t be surprised if it tasted half decent.

There is no plastic in Farm to Girl’s packaging.

Lotions come in cute glass jars with metal screw-top lids and lip balms are packed into metal tins, all with recycled paper labels. Considering that less than 30 percent of U.S. plastic actually gets recycled – and even then, it’s always down-cycled into a lesser form – choosing glass and metal is a good way to reduce one’s eco-footprint. It also means there aren’t any endocrine disruptors leaching into products, only to be absorbed by your skin. Farm to Girl will soon start a refill program, where customers can have their jars and tins refilled via mail or in store.

All ingredients are ethically sourced, with a focus on women helping women.

Female farmers are often marginalized, earning less than $1 a day in many parts of the world. Farm to Girl sources its organic oils directly from these farmers, supporting their farmer cooperatives and boosting the local economy. Twenty percent of all proceeds are donated to developing communities where Farm to Girl founder Dr. Kim Warren-Rhodes and her husband work as environmental researchers. In Solomon Islands, the proceeds go toward building women’s health clinics. In South Africa and Namibia, they fund scholarships for young women studying conservation and science.

Farm to Girl is directly and personally involved in its supply chain.

They have met suppliers, inspected production methods, and established relationships. The company believes it’s important to support sustainable agricultural methods, such as the natural sea sponges grown and harvested in Micronesia by small family farmers who are seeking an alternative livelihood to fishing.

I received some sample products, which arrived in a used cardboard box packed with shredded old paper. I’ve been impressed with the quality of the items. The lotion, face cream, and lip balm are all luscious and rich, with subtle scents. As someone whose moisturizing routine has dwindled to mostly just coconut oil, it is fun to try something slightly more elaborate (and less greasy), while knowing it’s fair-trade – something I haven’t been able to find yet with coconut oil.

It’s rare and wonderful to encounter a company that, quite seriously, covers all its bases when it comes to ethical and green production. Farm to Girl will definitely be getting more of my support, and I highly recommend TreeHugger readers check it out, too.

Meet 'Farm to Girl' -- the world's first zero waste, closed loop, non-toxic skin care company
From ethical sourcing of organic ingredients to plastic-free packaging, this amazing company has thought of everything.

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