Less Silver Pollution Thanks to Digital Photography

We had thought about the potential environmental benefits of digital photography a few times in the past, but had forgotten the idea until recently when a few news items about it passed through the wire. Two articles in particular - Swedish Capital Sees Less Silver Pollution Thanks to Digital Photos and Digital Photography Reduces Pollution - report the claim of experts that digital photography has helped reduce silver pollution in the water of Sweden's capital. "Tests have shown that silver levels have dropped by more than half in five years in the waters of the Stockholm archipelago." More digital photography means that there is less developing of conventional silver-halide film, and nowadays at least 90% of all cameras sold in Sweden are digital. "Helena Parkman of the Swedish Environmental Board said silver ions can be more toxic to water organisms than mercury. Silver in its metallic form is far less toxic." So all you digital photographers out there, know that you may have helped to fight silver pollution without even being aware of it. ::Associated Press via ENN, ::SR International