High Formaldehyde Levels Found In Baby Furniture

metal-cribs.jpgBack in the day, cribs were made of metal and babies got lots of fresh air and sunshine. Now, most kids get put in shiny new cribs from Wal-Mart or Babies R Us, and guess what; they are made from particle board and are full of formaldehyde. Environment California found a half dozen products – out of 21 nursery furnishings it tested – emitted formaldehyde at levels high enough to trigger allergy and asthma attacks in children.. The regulators are all over cribs for safety, space between bars and little pieces, but not a word about formaldehyde; it is not even checked.

The Sacramento Bee notes that California officials have classified formaldehyde as an air contaminant since 1992. It's also considered a human carcinogen. A branch of the California Environmental Protection Agency has "basically said there's no safe level."

We have already suggested that the building industry should ban formaldehyde; it is hard to believe that it is allowed in childrens' furniture.::Sacramento Bee
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