Found at One of a Kind: Skin Care by Nàdarra


photo credit Emma Alter

We love the One of a Kind Show, which started in Toronto but has expanded into the cities of Vancouver, Chicago and New York; it shows thousands of one-of-a-kind handmade items but is carefully curated so that there is not much junk. It also is a springboard for new, local designers and manufacturers.

One product daughter Emma liked was Nàdarra, a skin care products company founded by Julia Michener after a stubborn skin rash wouldn't go away. After a week of treatment with the mix of plant extracts, oils, vitamins and proteins she cooked up it was gone.

It is a good thing that absence labeling is not illegal, because Julia very proudly points out what her stuff does not include:

• Parabens – Preservatives, found whole and undigested in breast tumors. Estrogenic chemicals and endocrine disruptors, immune system toxicants.

• Triethanolamine – Cancer hazard, immune system toxicant, insufficient safety data, potential harmful impurities. PH control. Derived from ammonia & ethylene oxide.

• Dimethicone – Cancer suspect. Causes tumors and mutations in laboratory animals. Antifoaming agent. Derived from synthetic silicone polymer.

• Phenoxyethanol – Reproductive/developmental toxicity, irritating to eyes, lungs and skin, wildlife/environmental toxicity. Synthetic preservative.

It is all bottled in glass and available online at ::Nadarra

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