Fable Naturals' skincare products are wonderfully green and Fairtrade

Fable Naturals lip balms
© Fable Naturals (via Etsy)

It's tough to find a green skincare company that's Fairtrade, too, but this Vancouver-based company does a great job of doing both.

Fable Naturals is a young, three-year-old company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, that offers a fresh take on the cosmetics industry. Not only does Fable Naturals create products with clean, green ingredients, but it also focuses on sourcing organic and Fairtrade-certified ingredients. The latter is particularly difficult to find, even within the world of green beauty.

“We wanted to create a business that would put social and environmental responsibility first, without sacrificing the luxury of a skin care product,” the company’s founders told the Canadian Fair Trade Network.

Fable Naturals sells a good range of skin care products, including lip balms, facial scrubs, cleanser, clay masks, and oils, bar soaps, lotion, moisturizing balm, body sugar scrubs and nourishing oils. It also has agave-fiber soap saver pouches, exfoliating cloths, and bath mitts that are fairly traded from Mexico.

As someone who considers the lifespan of packaging when shopping for skincare products, I appreciate the attentiveness that Fable Naturals clearly gives to its packaging. The lip balms come in wonderful compostable paper tubes – an ingenious idea that should be much more widely adopted by green-minded companies. I have one balm that’s seen some hard use in the bottom of my purse for over a year, and yet the tube is still intact.

The body and facial oils, masks, exfoliants, and facial cleansing balm all come in attractive glass jars with metal measuring caps or droppers, and the moisturizing hand balm comes in a wide metal tin for easy access. The bar soaps are wrapped in paper.

Plastic bottles are used for the lotions and sugar scrubs, which I didn’t like as much, but hopefully the company will transition toward alternatives in time, as the other, more recyclable options are fully functional and appealing to use.

During the past year, since I was introduced to Fable Naturals’ products, I’ve been very happy with the quality and the aesthetic appeal. The scent combinations are lovely and make me want to reach for them daily – cedar and sage, lemon and lavender, olive and rosehip, rosemary and mint, orange and vanilla.

Fable Naturals sells its products at various locations, including Ten Thousand Villages in Canada. (Check this map for nearby vendors.) You can also buy on Etsy or through the company’s own online store.

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