Enchantrix: No Twitching Nose With These Cleaners

Here's a novel approach. Create a website selling your line of organic household cleaners (and more recently body products). Explain with third party articles and news items why a move from synthetic chemicals to organic ingredients is a healthy one. Get people revved up about your alternative products. And then tell them how to make their own at home. Outrageous! What were they thinking? Being open and honest with customers — come on, is that really necessary? But if South Africa's Enchantrix has as one of its missions to "educate people about the realities and choices open to us", then we suppose it is. And they still want to donate a minimum of 10% of net profit to educational and eco groups, who have the same intentions as themselves. Crazy. Of their range, we took a fancy to their super concentrated laundry gel, which contain a long list of ... three ingredients, namely: organic soapwort extract (saponaria officinalis), lavandin essential oil, spring water. Simple. Especially, if as they say, you suffer skin disorders like eczema. ::Enchantrix