Ecostore - No 'Nasty Chemicals'


Remember when we brought you news about the Organic Guy line of blokes personal care product, that included a long list of ingredients they wouldn't use? This time around we have a New Zealand enterprise heading down the same road. No parabens, propylene glycolphosphates, nitrates, chlorine, ammonia, enzymes, synthetic perfumes, coloring or dyes, optical whiteners or brighteners or chemical preservatives. Phew! Thought I was going to run out of pixels there, for minute. Instead, Ecostore use simple mineral salts, renewable vegetable based surfactants and essential oils which are highly biodegradable. And they spread these ingredients across a diverse range of merchandise: household cleaners, laundry products, personal care, pet care and organic gardening supplies. The company also sponsors community projects in the vein of their "Growing Organic Kids" initiative whereby school kids get "real hands-on experience in growing an organic garden." And they learn about "the art of composting and recycling, and an understanding of sustainability, zero waste and other organic principles." ::Ecostore