Earth to Body: Natural Skin Care Products


WARNING: Post contains disgusting personal details.

A year ago while working a home show, we discovered Earth to Body, "dedicated to the manufacture of the highest quality all natural skin care products. Our products contain no mineral oils, synthetic preservatives or dyes. They are made with only medicinal herbs, the highest quality carrying oils and essential oils, natural emollients and natural emulsifiers." We complained to the owner about our, um, itchy toes and how nothing had worked and he sold us some Neem Salve, made from neem oil, olive oil and grapefruit. six weeks later: no itch. Six months ago at another show, we described what we shall call a scalp problem. He railed on about sodium lauryl sulphate and sold us a brick of shampoo made from almond, coconut, palm, castor and jojoba oils and a few weeks later- no "scalp problem." We don't know how John cooks all this up in his bathtub in Montreal but it is wonderful stuff. Available online at ::EarthtoBody and be sure to look at his table of the dangers lurking in commercial alternatives.