Beware: That New Car Smell is Toxic!

Do you like that "new car" smell? Yes? Do you sniff glue? No? Well, check this out: "New car smell could contain up to 35 times the health limit set for volatile organic chemicals in cars in Japan, making its enjoyment akin to glue-sniffing. The chemicals found included ethyl benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and toluene used in paints and adhesives," and "the van was found to contain 113 kinds of volatile organic chemicals, mostly hydrocarbons. It took four months to fall below the safe limit set by the state but shot above it again in the hot summer months even after two years."Since many researchers are linking the "new car smell" toxic cocktail to cancer and other health problems, that distinctive smell that some many people seem to like (no wonder) may soon be gone. Japanese carmakers have already started to reduce cabin concentrations thanks to Japanese government guidelines, and it wouldn't be surprising if European and North-American carmakers followed soon. In the meantime, if you have a new car, we recommend you try to ventilate it as much as possible, especially if it still has that "new car smell".

One more reason to ride your bike.

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