Meet ASHLEY ASTI, the skincare company that really cares

Ashley Asti skincare products
© Ashley Asti

From its line of organic, vegan, non-toxic products to its glass packaging, ASHLEY ASTI on a mission to change the world through wellness.

Whenever I receive a new order of organic skin care products, I pay close attention to the packaging. That says a lot about a company’s true commitment to the environment. So when a parcel recently arrived from ASHLEY ASTI, I was thrilled to see it come in a tiny cardboard box, with each glass bottle wrapped snugly in shredded brown paper. Clearly this is a company that cares.

The line of ASHLEY ASTI skin care products is just as impressive as its packaging. Made from 100% organic, vegan, and non-toxic ingredients, the products are designed to support, rather than interfere, with the skin’s natural processes.

“Your skin knows how to heal itself,” Ashley wrote to TreeHugger. “All we have to do it honor it.”

I’ve been using the Love Your Body deodorant, which does a great job at keeping me dry and fresh all day long, even while shoveling piles of snow in the driveway. My husband gave the Men’s Deodorant his seal of approval. The Ultimate Neroli & Rose Face Oil is heavenly on my dry winter skin, moisturizing deeply and leaving my face soft and supple afterward.

ASHLEY ASTI offers interesting tooth-brushing alternatives, including Tea Tree & Clay tooth powder and Healthy Mouth Oil, made with peppermint and lavender oils. The tooth powder took some getting used to, since I’d never tried anything like it before, but it leaves my mouth feeling very fresh and clean, as does the wonderful Mouth Oil. I support wholeheartedly the idea of eliminating wasteful, non-recyclable plastic toothpaste tubes. I also wish I’d known about the Marshmallow & Calendula Breastfeeding Cream when I had my baby last year.

Ashley Asti tooth oil© Ashley Asti -- Tooth oil is free from fluoride, SLS, carrageenan, artificial flavors, colors and fragrances, preservatives, and alcohol.

Ashley herself believes in our human responsibility to participate consciously in the world:

“Every ingredient is organic because our bodies – and our earth – deserve not to be poisoned by pesticides. We package our products in glass, not plastic, because plastic remains in the land forever, never breaking down. We owe the sea creatures and future generations more than that.”

The company’s philosophy comprises 10 commandments that emphasize emotional and physical wellbeing, along with environmental stewardship. Theirs is a refreshing, well-rounded view of what green-minded clients want from a company these days and an understanding of the environmental responsibilities of businesses.

ASHLEY ASTI is doing fabulous work, and I highly recommend you check out the product line. It is handmade in Kings Park, New York, and ships throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, and Spain. You can order online.

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