Adivasi Body: Delicious on Skin, Nose and Globe

adivasi body photo© Adivasi Body LLC

I've been using Adivasi Body for years now, that I'm embarrassed I haven't shared the goodness with my 'Huggers yet. The bath and body product hails from my hometown in Connecticut, handmade in small batches making it a pretty local treat for anyone in the NYC metro-area.

What's more, they nourish our largest organ, the skin, while also promoting relaxation and a state of homeostasis in the body through aromatherapy. Every scent holds lavender as its base. The little purple flower is powerful one. Recent studies found that lavender left participants more calm, positive, and less anxious. Similarly, its shown to help those struggling with insomnia experience deeper sleep, and it even has the ability to increase libido.

Each product is 100% vegetarian and free of the long list of health nasties our bodies -- and planet -- appreciate us ignoring:
-synthetic detergents, dyes and fragrances

The hand and body lotion and body serum is my go-to post-shower skin hydration in winter while the room and body mist makes a perfect mid-day pick-me-up. In my quest to kick caffeine, a spritz or two of the awakening, citrus-y Sat Nam Sunshine makes a decent substitute. The notes of lavender, valencia orange and lemon lift me up on a gray, cold day. Choose from other yummy flavors like the sleep-inducing Lavender Love or Sat Nam Clarity that has a twist of clean and refreshing Eucalyptus. Or, other products like vegan soaps, insect repellent, body polish, aromatherapy roll ons, lip balm, cuticle cream and more.

I'm a lucky lady, stocking Adivasi Body into my yoga studio's eco-retail nook. You can get lucky too, ordering from Adivasi Body, supporting a small local business if you're in nearby CT area. Prices range from $4-$15.

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