7 beauty trends that have us excited for 2018

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Could the mainstream beauty industry finally be embracing healthier, greener habits? It appears so.

After reading numerous articles on what the hot beauty trends of 2018 will be, according to the wise voices of Vogue, Stylecaster, Flare, and the good old Pinterest predictions list, I have to say I'm pleased to see how many fit into the TreeHugger ethos. Gone are the makeup-heavy, labor-intensive styles, and in is everything simple, clean, and natural. Here's what you'll be seeing in the coming months.

1. The natural skin look

Don't waste your money on foundation or cover-up. Invest in good quality skin care and a great diet, because this year it's going to be your real skin on display. Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta told Stylecaster:
"We will be seeing a lot less caked on foundation and more focus on embracing your natural features. I personally love seeing someone’s freckles shine through their makeup! To this effect, ​I think we’re going to be seeing the heavy highlight start to disappear."

2. A simpler routine

People are busy and tired. Nobody really wants to spend that much time on a beauty routine, which is why there's a mass move toward simplicity. This will take the form of multitasking products. As Vogue writes: "The new tide of technologically advanced beauty polymaths are rolling out the 3-in-1s in a way that has not been done before." Hopefully this will mean fewer bottles on the bathroom counter, pleasing to my minimalist leanings.

3. Cleaner, safer products

This is very good news. There's a definite trend toward caring more about what's in the products we buy. Shoppers are examining ingredients labels more closely and observing certification logos. Larissa Jensen, a beauty industry analyst at NPD, told Vogue:

Products and brands 'free of' harmful ingredients are considered 'clean'. That includes silicones, parabens and sulfates (especially SLS).

People are also looking for superfoods as ingredients in their cosmetics; think probiotics, moringa oil, chia seeds, seaweed, chlorophyll, and more. Whether these additives actually make a difference, who knows, but they're probably a safer bet than lab-created synthetics.

4. The year of curly

Hair stylists say that long, straightened manes are out, replaced by shorter, wilder, curlier styles. This means that many women will be able to embrace their natural look, without turning to products and finicky hair-drying techniques to look stylish. (Not that we ever thought you had to...)

5. Beauty oils

Beauty oils are having their moment, and I believe it. They're sold by every green beauty retailer I visit online. Whether it's oil for hair care, facial cleansing, makeup removal, moisturizing, wrinkle and under-eye care, bathing or showering, there is a suitable oil for every beauty-related task these days.

6. Skin care that fights pollution

It sounds sci-fi-ish, but it's a real thing. Many brands are working to develop products that fights environmental stressors, such as air conditioning, heating, captive bacteria (in enclosed spaces), and the blue light from our computer screens. (As important as it is to acknowledge the damage our surroundings can cause, one should still be wary of marketing and know that the best place always to start is with a great diet and plenty of sleep.)

7. The establishment of self-care

You've heard the term thrown around, but up until recently it's been thought of as more of a fad than a permanent lifestyle movement. The consensus is that self-care is here to stay, and that's a good thing. People will begin prioritizing what feels good and right for them. Stylecaster quotes Ayurvedic expert Shrankhla Holecek:

"People will start further exploring whether they like meditating at a studio, or to an app, or not meditating at all. From what foods uplift you vs. not, to what self-care means to you as an individual, [these] are questions that people will be asking (and answering) of themselves, which will undoubtedly lead to a lot of discovery, balance and joy ultimately."

Here's to a 2018 that makes you feel as great as you look.

7 beauty trends that have us excited for 2018
Could the mainstream beauty industry finally be embracing healthier, greener habits? It appears so.

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