62 Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar is a pretty versatile substance. Basically just acetic acid, it can be used to replace many commercial cleaning products which can be harmful to the environment. Our guide to greening your cleaning says, "most of the conventional cleaning products we all grew up with are petroleum-based and have dubious health and environmental implications.". Also, if you're like me, some cleaning products can give you a bit of a headache after use, which shouldn't happen with vinegar. Another benefit is cost - some cleaning products are very expensive, but vinegar can be bought quite cheaply.ODYB has an article which lists 62 uses for vinegar, from cleaning to health care. Whilst you can't make use of all 62, you will probably find something that you will find useful. There have also been some good comments left on the piece which list even more uses. Going on from this there is yet more ideas on the Wikipedia entry for vinegar. Of course, you need to buy the right sort - rubbing balsamic vinegar into your white carpet is not going to make that stain any better. We have also covered many brands of green cleaning products if vinegar isn't for you, such as Method.

Also on the Wikipedia entry for vinegar are some random facts for your reading enjoyment; the Prophet Muhammed said vinegar is one of the best condiments, Lord Byron consumed lots of white vinegar to keep his complexion pale and Roman legionaries also used to drink vinegar mixed with water - it was called Posca. ::ODYB

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