4 New York Fashion Week Hairstyle Trends to Try Now

Aveda© Aveda
. Messy ballerina buns by Aveda at Christian Siriano during New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week is all about the season ahead, meaning you have to wait all winter to don any spring/summer 2013 fashion. Fortunately, the season has some easy-breezy hairstyle trends--and timeless fashion trends--that you can try now. No hairstylist needed: you can recreate the hottest hair trends at home, without buying a thing--just use what you own.

From messy ballerina buns to Don Draper-esque 'dos, these are the easiest DIY hairstyle trends for men and women from the spring/summer 2013 runway shows.

1. Ballerina Buns at Christian Siriano

Aveda© Aveda

Knowing how to create a runway-worthy messy bun is a talent that anyone who runs late--and fails to wash their hair--in the morning must master. Aveda's romantic 'do is just the ticket.

“The look we created is a ballerina’s bun that she’s twisted up herself after she’s danced, perhaps on her way back from practice,” says Aveda's Antoinette Beenders, who created the look for Christian Siriano's spring/summer 2013 fashion show.

Aveda explains how to get the look: flip head over, finger-comb hair into a ponytail at the top of the head and pull straight up, twist hair into a loose bun, and secure with an elastic. Finally, pin hair at the base of the bun and, as Aveda suggests, finish the look with Air Control Hair Spray.

2. Fishtail Braids at Pamela Gonzales

Nolcha Fashion Week© Nolcha Fashion Week

Braids took many forms at fashion week, from braided headbands at Emerson to underbraids at Tracy Reese, but the easiest--and most wearable--style to do at home is the messy fishtail braid at Pamela Gonzales.

Nolcha Fashion Week© Nolcha Fashion Week

The voluminous ocean-inspired braids, seen at Nolcha Fashion Week, were created by Rusk. Stylists used Rusk Designer Collection Blofoam ($14 SRP) to create texture--a la Daryl Hannah in Splash. Hair was then curled and back combed (read: teased, 80s-style) to create structure, and then loosely braided.

3. Polished Hair at Richard Smith

Nolcha Fashion Week© Nolcha Fashion Week

To compliment Richard Smith's chic bespoke suits, hairstyles by Rusk were equally as polished. The Don Draper-eque 'dos to come down the runway at Smith's spring/summer 2013 Nolcha Fashion Week show were anything but sloppy.

Nolcha Fashion Week© Nolcha Fashion Week

At Richard Smith, hair was combed back and kept in place with styling cream (Rusk Designer Collection Wired Style Creme, $14 SRP). For longer hair, Rusk added hairspray (Rusk Designer Collection W8less Plus Hairspray) to tame strays and keep the look in place.

4. Center Parts at Tibi

Aveda© Aveda
. Center parts by Aveda at Tibi's New York Fashion Week show.

Middle parts took center stage at fashion week
, popping up at Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang, and Tibi. If you part your hair in the middle all day every day then the trick to making it look like a statement is to style hair straight, which draws attention to the center part.

"It’s sleek and the product is concentrated at the top half of the hair near the roots so that the bottom is weightless with a natural movement," says Aveda's Frank Rizzieri, who created the hairstyle at Tibi's runway show.

How to do it at home: start with damp hair, create a center part with a comb, blow-dry hair straight from roots to ends, using a round brush; tuck hair behind ears and bring hair forward over each shoulder. If needed, finish with hairspray (Aveda Air Control Hair Spray).

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4 New York Fashion Week Hairstyle Trends to Try Now
Here are the easiest DIY hairstyle trends for men and women from the spring/summer 2013 runway shows.

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