Organic Baby Formula

Intense baby
For some women, pumping breast milk is accompanied by intense feelings of anxiety. (Photo: Pavel Ilyukhin/Shutterstock)

We've all heard the saying by now ... breast is best. And it surely is. Best for babies and mamas. But what choices are available for moms when breastfeeding just isn't the best option?

Don't get me wrong. I'm am a major advocate for breastfeeding. And I really do believe that it is a wonderful, easy, healthy, natural and inexpensive way to feed a baby. But I have also known hordes of woman ... good, strong, dedicated, caring mothers... who had so many problems breastfeeding that it was starting to impede their ability to bond with their babies. Sure, breast is best ... but what's next? What options are available for families that want and/or choose to use formula?

Fortunately, there are a number of organic baby formulas that offer excellent nutrition for babies without exposure to all of the nasty toxins and chemicals that are found in conventional varieties. Each variety provides 100 percent of the recommended essential nutrients for infants throughout their first year of life. Here are a few worth trying:

Earth's Best: Earth's Best is the leading organic baby food manufacturer. The company is owned by Horizon (which is owned by Dean Foods) and offers both dairy and soy based organic infant formulas. Earth's Best uses organic lactose from cows, so if you are concerned about your baby having problems with lactose intolerance, this formula might not be the best option.

Baby's Only: Baby's Only from Nature's One comes as both dairy and soy organic formulas. Baby's Only uses brown rice syrup, a higher quality and more complex carbohydrate, when compared to lactose. It's also less likely to cause an blood sugar spikes or problems with food allergies.

Similac Organic: Similac entered the organic baby formula market in 2006, becoming the first major label to create an organic line. It doesn't have many bells and whistles as far as organic formulas go, but it is a good source of chemical-free nutrition for babies.

Parent's Choice: Parents Choice Formula, is a generic formula available as both organic and conventional varieties. It is slightly less nutritious when compared to the other three organic formulas. But what it does have going for it is availability. Parent's Choice is available at Wal-Mart stores throughout the United States, so it's one you'll be able to find whether you're on vacation or closer to home.