Optisolar's Promising Solar Power Run Comes to an End: Production Shut Down, 200 More Workers Laid Off

optisolar thin-film solar panels photo
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Just three months ago we called Optisolar on the 6 Clean Tech Start-Ups to Watch in 2009 and it certainly seemed that the thin-film solar PV maker had a lot of great stuff in the works. Well, that was all before the firm laid off half of its workforce in January, and now has not only stopped production at its Hayward, California panel assembly facility, but plans to sell the business entirely:Greentech Media plots the decline... Last year the company had planned to build a 550 MW power plant in San Luis Obispo County, California with the electricity to be purchased by PG&E; in January the aforementioned employee layoffs occurred; earlier in March, Optisolar sold its project pipeline to First Solar for $400 million. In the latest round of layoffs, 142 workers at the Hayward headquarters, and 58 workers at its manufacturing plant in the Sacramento area were laid off.

Though Optisolar has indicated that it is talking to prospective buyers, who those buyers may be has not been disclosed.

via: Greentech Media
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