Opossum Moms Really Know How to Juggle It All


When you see parents with those double (or triple!) strollers, you think about all the preparation needed to get out the door. Blankets in the strollers, toys in the stroller, baby bags hanging from the strollers — and then the babies, of course. It's a whole production.

But at least these human parents don't have to lug 10 to 15 babies on their backs like mommy opossums do!

Baby opossums start off pretty tiny — we're talking bumblebee small — and reside inside their mother's pouch for a few months. After they're bigger and stronger, but still not able to be left to their own devices in a den, the babies do exactly what you see in the video: They cling to their mom's back while she goes looking for food. These babies are still nursing and may just be starting on solid foods.

So the next time you see a harried parent, just say, "At least you're not a opossum mom!" and they'll be a little less stressed.

(Or maybe they'll just give you a strange look.)