Online Tool Calculates if Reuseable Packaging Is Worth It

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When it comes to deciding the price points of shifting from standard packaging to reuseable materials, companies are getting a little help. The Reuseable Packaging Association has put out an online calculator to make figuring out the financials that much easier. The Reusable Packaging Economics Calculator helps users figure out how much money can be saved by utilizing recyclables for packaging. From the developers:

When evaluating the costs of one-wayand reusable packaging it is necessary to take all areas of the supply chain into perspective for a more complete financial picture. The Reusable Packaging Economic Calculator below was developed in cooperation with the StopWaste Partnership and is based on a basic financial model covering the key concepts in the comparison of the per container cost of both returnable and single-use packaging. This tool is intended primarily for a potential returnable packaging user who wishes to perform some basic financial analysis to determine if the supply chain in question is financially conducive to returnable packaging.

While it might not be the final tool for decision makers, it will hopefully help to show using recyclables makes financial sense, and may hopefully help decision makers lean towards more sustainable choices - though that might have meant including things like the value of green cred among consumers in the matrix.

In addition to this tool, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition is releasing a software tool called COMPASS (Comparative Packaging Assessment), which will help them evaluate the environmental impact of their packaging choices.

It's great to see simple software tools like this helping to make a difference in packaging, which is really the low-hanging fruit when it comes to a company looking to lighten their carbon footprint.