5 Online Shops for Stylish Secondhand Baby and Kids Clothes

baby bibs and onesies drying on a clothes line in front of a window

TheMarketingShoppe / Pixabay

You don't need to be an experienced parent to know that kids are expensive, and to figure out that a lot of the stuff you buy them will end up broken, stained, or outgrown before you get your money's worth.

But stocking your little one's closet with secondhand clothes is one of the easiest ways to save money -- since the used items are sold for a fraction of the price; to save resources, since you aren't encouraging consumption by buying brand new; and to save yourself from worrying about every tackle, fall, and spill that could ruin that pricey (but too cute to resist sweater).

And when you choose one of these online shops, you can even skip the hassle of navigating that stroller through the aisles at your local thrift store -- which, as any experienced parent will tell you -- is priceless.

1. Baby Outfitter

Everything for sale through Baby Outfitter is listed as "like new" -- even if it's gently used -- because the store is very picky about what it will and won't offer (though items with small stains or loose buttons are available under the selection of playclothes).

Look for pieces from J Crew, Baby Gap, Circo, Diesel, and many other brands sized to fit newborns and toddlers.

2. Rascal's Resale

Sellers at Rascal's Resale submit dozens of new items to the site each day, giving secondhand-obsessed moms plenty to choose from.

You'll find boys and girls shirts, pants, dresses, and more from brands like Gymboree, Carter's, Janie and Jack, Land's End, and many others. Flat-rate shipping menas you won't pay more than $4 to recieve your items, no matter where you live or how much you order.

3. Thred Up

Thred Up lets you shop for individual items -- from brands including Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, and Carter's -- but it also offers a box system that make shopping even easier.

You can fill a box with clothes you're giving away and post the box on the site for other moms to purchase -- or see what collections are already up there and buy a full box (organized by age, gender, or season) for a fast and thorough wardrobe boost.

4. Cheap Kids Clothes

Mom -- and grandmom -- Sandy Roberts left her full time job to pursue a work-at-home lifestyle, and Cheap Kids Clothes was born.

Now she handselects clothes, organized by size and season, to sell for a fraction of the new price -- and even takes custom requests for specific pieces you're looking for. The Costumes and Holidays category makes it especially easy to outfit your kids in seasonal items without shelling out for something they will only outgrow by next year.

5. Storkbrokers

Husband-and-wife team Sterling and Bridget Hawkins were inspired by their own growing family -- kids Hunter and Lake -- to create Storkbrokers, where parents can sell their used clothes (and toys and gear) directly to other parents.

With more than 2,000 clothing items currently up for sale, the site lets you navigate by style, size, or even color -- and makes it easy to set up your own storefront to re-sell the pieces your kids are finished with, too.