One Wheel Wonder: ExtraWheel's Voyager Bike Trailer

extrawheel voyager touring photo
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It's not often that TreeHugger visits Poland, so we are pleased to present ExtraWheel, who hail from Nowy Targ in the south of the country. They produce an incredibly simple, single wheel bike trailer, that doubles as an emergency spare wheel.

ExtraWheel claim their trailers are the lightest available. That they can negotiate most obstacles and enter the narrowest of spaces. Designed for touring and expeditionary use, the new Voyager is said to easily lug up to 35kg (77 lb), and besides acting as spare wheel, the the trailers also apparently detach themselves "in the event of major collisions." Not that these are the only benefits attributed to an ExtraWheel.Currently available in standard three wheel sizes of 26, 27 and 28 inch, ExtraWheel also appear to have a 29" in the works to suit the super fat Pugsley style of bike. The original model debuted in 2006 and employed mesh hammocks to carry cargo. Now that 'Classic' version has a big brother, the Voyager, which goes favours the use of panniers.

extrawheel-closeup photo

Those other claimed benefits include:
- attaches to recumbents, racers, and bikes with front-and-rear shocks
- instant attachment to a bike (once you've swapped out the quick release)
- a full size mudguard is provided
- trailer frame supports pannier models of other manufacturers
- improves stability by lowering the centre of gravity
- shortens the braking distance
- improves the front wheel contact with the ground while riding uphill
- reduces rolling resistance in soft terrain by distributing load on a larger surface