This Is One Terrific Steampunk Teardrop Trailer

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credit: Dave Moult

Teardrop trailers are wonderful things, a classic aerodynamic design that slides through the air when you are towing it. Dave Moult takes teardrops to a whole new terrain with this incredible steampunk design. According to Living in a Shoebox,

teardrop closed

© Dave Moult

Dave Moult loves natural materials that seem to be ageless, such as the look of mixed metals and the use of leather and wood. Most of the parts for the teardrop trailer have been discarded by others, or found at car-boot sales. He has found many bits on eBay too. The trailers do not cost very much in materials, but the hours soon add up: "Our current build started in August last year and has had hundreds of hours put into it so far, and we still haven’t finished."
chandelier on ceiling

© Dave Moult
All the leather is from an old sofa he bought for £15. The chandelier is made from an old coffee pot and some copper pipe.


© Dave Moult
Alas, the library is fake, done with wallpaper. I have seen other teardrops where the library is real.

teardrop kitchen

© Dave Moult
The silver coffee urn is a nice touch though.

Moult sink

© Dave Moult
I think my favorite feature is the fold-down sink.

moult fridge

© Dave Moult
Or maybe it is the exposed guts of the propane absorption fridge.

mini towing teardrop

© Dave Moult

I didn't think you could tow much behind an old mini, let alone a big teardrop. Amazing.