If You're Going to Binge-Watch for 100 Days, Might as Well Do It at a Tibetan Monastery

The winner of Samsung's 'Catch-Up Grant' will have the opportunity to watch their favorite shows for 100 days in the comfort of a 15th century Tibetan monastery. . (Photo: Samsung)

If you're the type of person who believes the last thing a remote Tibetan monastery high in the Himalayas needs is a 65'' flat screen and a Netflix account, congratulations — you're a sane individual. You're are not, however, an ad executive — which is why Samsung's "Catch up Grant" exists, and we're all left shaking our heads.

But such is life in our on-demand, streaming, tweeting world, and it's why next month, one person from a Nordic country (Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Norway) will be chosen to begin a 100-day tenure binge-watching television in a Tibetan monastery. The stunt is all part of Samsung's marketing promotion for its new line of 65-inch curved screen televisions. Besides the goods and an all-expenses paid trip, the celebrated couch potato will also recieve a monthly stipend as reimbursement for time away from work.

"We thought it'd be fun if you would get paid for watching TV, just like a job, for a full year," DDB creative director Daniel Mencák tells AdFreak. "But we realized people would just do other stuff, so then we decided it would have to be at a place where you would do nothing else. And where the worldly distractions would be far, far away."

That place is Thiksay Gompa, a monastery founded in 1430 and located at an altitude of nearly 12,000 feet in the Indus Valley. When you're not watching "Breaking Bad" or catching up on "Orange is the New Black," you can look out your window and see this:

While most of us would see this contest as an opportunity to watch a little TV and then spend the rest of the time discovering nature, culture and spirituality, Samsung isn't having any of that. Those chosen as finalists will actually have to pass a polygraph test just to prove that they really, really need the time away to catch up on their favorite shows. Have vision issues? There will even be eye exams (and corrective lenses perscribed, if necessary) to make sure you can fully enjoy Samsung's new TV in all its digital glory. Real world of beauty outside your 15th century balcony be damned!

Naturally, Samsung will be documenting the entire trip –– so don't even try to sneak away for some life-changing perspective. You'll get that soon enough from Matthew Mcconaughey in "True Detective." (As the monks will tell you, avoid season two at all costs.)