One of the Most Beautiful Radios We've Ever Seen...And It's Made for TreeHuggers!

wood radio front photo
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Images via Yanko Design

Now this could top any greenie gadgeteer's holiday wish list. It is a gorgeous little wooden radio that - to top off its loveliness - is solar powered. Yanko Design shows off the sweet little radio - and calls it out for being just right for TreeHuggers. We agree. Made of (sustainably harvested??) oak, it features a slim solar panel on the top to gather up energy to play tunes.

wood radio side photo

The wood makes up 80% of the radio, with just 20% made up of electronic radio components. What a great way to ditch plastics, and make an heirloom device. Designboom points out that "no battery or electrical wires are needed.
the top left button turns the radio 'on' and allows one to change the volume,
while the top right button changes the radio frequencies."

wood radio close photo

The design - by Solène Le Goff & Christophe Gouache - is just that, a design. But if it were a marketed product, we're sure it'd find quite a few people with an eye for design and unique gadgets who want to take it home.

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