One Dress, Five Ways: Global Girlfriend's Super Organic Sash Skirt

Super Organic Sash Skirt photo
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If you want to get the most bang for your recessionista buck, investing in transformer clothing that offers the versatility of several different looks is a savvy move, both financially and sartorially.

As a skirt, Global Girlfriend's Organic Super Sash Skirt can be worn with the fold-over sash tied in front, on the side, or behind you. You can also get two different dresses out of it by knotting the sash behind your neck and turning the erstwhile skirt into a halter dress or by tying the sash in the back for a strapless number. Made from 96 percent organic cotton and 4 percent Lycra by a co-op of economically disadvantaged and disabled women in southern India, the skirt also helps provide economic security for these women and their families.

Bonus: The Rainforest Site will preserve 2290 square feet of land for each Organic Super Sash Skirt purchased.