Old Keyboards Find New Life as Upcycled Keyboard Purses

Purse made from recycled keyboard
Upcycling turns garbage into "Must Have" fashion.

Migrated Image / TwosCompany.com

There seems to be no end to the clever things you can create from old computer parts or peripheral components. And that goes for fashion accessories. We've seen rings and earrings made from computer keyboard keys, but...a whole purse?

This bag is made of recycled keyboard pieces and could make a green(er) gift for a fashion-forward green geek girl in your life. Funny thing is, this $40 purse isn't sized big enough to hold a laptop. Seems like that would be a smart size!

It would be really cool if the keys spelled out messages - making these personalized, they'd probably sell out in seconds. Though, it appears they already have. Once offered by several unique gift sites, they're currently out of stock and, now, only available used on eBay.

Gizmodo writes, "Now if only you could actually type on the thing, I'd reclassify it as a manbag in a heartbeat." Eeeh, it could still be a man bag without type-ability. It is, after all, geek gear.

All said this purse is a clever way to reuse pieces of old plastic keyboards.