Oklahoma Will Be Home to the Largest Wind Farm in the U.S.

©. GE Renewable Energy

The U.S. seems to finally be catching up with countries like China, Germany and Scotland with larger-scale wind energy projects. The country finally has an offshore wind farm up and running with many more in the pipeline for the East Coast and now we're seeing bigger wind farm projects headed for land as well.

GE Renewable Energy and Invenergy just announced that a Oklahoma will soon be home to the largest wind farm in the U.S., the Wind Catcher project, which will have a capacity of 2,000-MW. The size edges out the current largest wind farm in the country, California's Alta Wind Energy Center, which has a capacity of 1,550 MW.

When completed, Wind Catcher will be the second largest wind farm in the world behind China's monster Gansu Wind Farm that has a capacity of 6,000 MW and is set to expand to an amazing 20,000 MW by 2020.

The wind farm will consist of 800 2.5-MW GE wind turbines and it's part of a larger project called the Wind Catcher Energy Connection that also includes a 350-mile dedicated, extra-high voltage power line that will carry the power to utilities in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma and approximately 1.1 million customers.

The project will cost about $4.5 billion but is projected to save the utilities and customers it serves $7 billion over the next 25 years.

The wind farm is already under construction and is set to be completed in 2020.