Off-Grid Assisted Living: Backing It Up Green

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The generation that created the first Earth Day may not be ready for assisted living and senior centers. As that day comes for seniors in northern US states, however, winter comfort will, as in this example, sometimes be maintained by petro-diesel backup generators.

Stellar Energy Services, delivered a 300kW diesel engine generator system to Warroad Senior Campus, located in Warroad, Minnesota. The system is large enough to supply emergency power to the complete assisted living community. Warroad Senior Campus is located in northern Minnesota and is subject to extreme cold weather conditions.

This takes us to a super-topic: - How many of the 'first green' generation of US seniors will have the opportunity to live in LEED-certified assisted living or retirement centers, with high efficiency HVAC systems and low carbon foorprints? We couldn't find anything on the Green Seniors blog relative to this question. Looking at Lloyd's seminal post on the death of the burbs, it's obvious that backup power for air conditioning is going to be a far more critical factor than heating during the depth of winter. Time for the Ice Bear. No doubt about it.