Oceans Eat Cape Cod Cottages

Mother Nature is coming for our homes. (Photo: Jackie [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

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If you have some money to burn and the desire to watch your real estate investment get swallowed up by the sea, you should head to the small Cape Cod town of Chatham, MA.

The Atlantic Ocean has been eating away at the shoreline for years since a 2007 spring storm cut a channel through a local beach, turning a small neighborhood of beach homes into an island. The ocean has been relentless since then, eating away at the sand under seven of the 12 homes. The last five homes are on their last legs, in some cases literally. The remaining home owners don't expect to be able to hold off the seas and some have applied to demolish their cottages.

I feel badly for the cottage owners, some of who have had their homes in their family for generations, but it's hard to fight Mother Nature. With the more severe weather and rising sea levels that will result from increased global warming, there will be a lot more stories like these. Sadly, it's not always going to be middle and upper class Americans losing their summer cottages- a lot of very poor people live and work on the worlds coastline. When the oceans come for them, they won't have many options to turn to.

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