This is what it looks like when a great white shark is trying to eat you (video)

Great White Shark REMUS SharkCam
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The video below shows what it looks like when a majestic great white shark is trying to eat you. Not that you have much to fear from a great white shark unless it mistakes you for a seal, as it has not evolved to be interested in humans ("In New York alone people are bitten 10 times more each year by other people than worldwide by sharks," says the Shark Foundation.). In fact, sharks in general have a lot more to fear from us than we from them, with tens of millions of sharks being killed every year for their fins.

But the interesting thing here is that the footage wasn't recorded by divers in a cage or from far away; the REMUS SharkCam is a remotely controlled underwater robot with 6 cameras that, for the first time, shows us exactly what kind of predatory tactics the great white shark uses when hunting what he thinks is a seal. This wasn't the original plan; REMUS was supposed to find tagged sharks and observe them from a distance. But the sharks thought it was a seal, so they hunted it down, approaching it from the darker waters below...

See for yourself. This footage was filmed near Guadalupe Island in Mexico.

Specifications of the REMUS SharkCam:

Length: 2.03m (80 in.)
Diameter: 19cm (7.5 in.)
Weight: 45kg (100 lbs.)
Maximum depth: 100m (328 ft.)
Maximum speed: 5 knots
Maximum range: 36 nautical miles (at 4.5 knots)
Mission duration: Up to 8 hours
-6 REMUS GoPro video cameras providing 360° field-of-view
-Omni-directional USBL navigation system
-Acoustic communication system (ACOMMS), modem, and transducer
-Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)
-GPS/Wi-fi/Iridium antenna
-Conductivity and temperature probe

Check out the official REMUS SharkCam website for more info.

And just for your pleasure, here's more impressive footage of the majestic great white shark:


This is what it looks like when a great white shark is trying to eat you (video)
Amazing footage thanks to a remote controlled underwater robot.

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