Up-Close Encounter Between Blue Whale and Kayaker off Redondo Beach (Video)

blue whale photoMrRJCtube/Video screen capture

A video that has been making the rounds on news sites and blogs lately is one made by a kayaker who had a close encounter with a blue whale. He caught it all on his GoPro, including some underwater footage.

Now, blue whales are endangered so I'm not sure how close you're actually allowed to get to one. So I'm hesitant to congratulate the kayaker too much on his video footage. However, there is little doubt that this must have been a truly exhilarating experience, and one that will never be forgotten. The excitement of seeing such a mammoth creature in its natural element comes through easily from the few shots in the screen.

The Kayaker writes on the YouTube page, "A whale lunge feeding right next to the Kayak, plus some underwater footage. While the lunge feed was heart pounding excitement, I found that seeing one undewater was relaxing and peaceful. Was an awesome day!!!"

I have to admit that despite the possibility of a rule or two about proximity being broken, that it's moments like these -- these close encounters -- that commit, or recommit, people to conserving and protecting the ocean we all share, and the animals that inhabit it.

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Up-Close Encounter Between Blue Whale and Kayaker off Redondo Beach (Video)
A kayaker off California's coast came close to the largest animal on earth, and got some wonderful footage.

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