Three Quarters of European Fisheries Unsustainable - New Fisheries Proposal Fall Short: WWF

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Some more perspective on overfishing and sustainable fish in Europe: As the European Commission proposes revamps the Common Fisheries Policy, WWF gives it all a decidedly mixed review--and lays out the severity of the situation in no uncertain terms.WWF notes that 75% of assessed fisheries in Europe are currently overfished, with just 9% of fish stocks being sustainable by 2022, as the European fishing fleet is two to three too large.

As for what the EC is doing to address overfishing (78% of EU citizens want all European fish products to come from sustainable sources), WWF says there are "some potentially good elements" in the CFP, "too much is being left to chance." Furthermore, the methods to deal with the excess fishing capacity in Europe are "inflexible and excludes safeguards to prevent a concentration of fishing activities to a small number of vessels or to guarantee a timely revocation to the concessions should conservation goals not be met."

There is no 'one size fits all' solution for the overcapacity of the EU fleet given the variety of fisheries that exist in Europe. Nor will the market automatically solves this problem. WWF believes it is important to give fishermen a more secure stake in the fishery to boost stewardship, but this should be linked to clear conservation goals. As the proposal stands, this isn't the case.

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