Super Bowl Ad Goes Silent for Ocean Conservation (Video)

This year, some football fans (and their accommodating loved ones) may have found the Super Bowl Sunday's most dramatic moment wasn't part of the game at all. Amid the clamor that is most television advertisements for the Big Game, a commercial from SeaWeb had something a little different to offer -- 5 seconds of sobering silence.

Partnering with NBC Bay Area, the non-profit ocean conservation group were successful in passing on a powerful message to viewers of the Super Bowl pre-game show on the West Coast. In the 30-second SeaWeb advert, eloquently presenting scenes of iconic, yet imperiled marine life before fading to a black screen, director Bob Talbot wants viewers to imagine a life without oceans.

The idea is to let the ocean speak for itself. When you are out there every day, or even just a few days, of your life, you can’t help but want to wrap your arms around the whole world and say, “you have to see this.” Its what our planet is; we are an ocean planet. To be there, to feel it, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could be party to squander it.

"Several seconds of darkness and silence leave the viewer wondering why, and spark them to think about what they have lost," SeaWeb president Dawn M. Martin tells Digital Journal. "Our society is overwhelmed by noise and quiet time is hard to find. For just a few seconds we gave the gift of silence and took away their TV screens and their connection to the Super Bowl -- much like the health and the vitality of the ocean is being taken away from our children and all of us."

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