This short video explains how we're killing coral

Coral bleaching
© Earth Vision Institute

Coral reefs are very important and very much at risk; here is what's going on.

Most of us have heard about how coral is in peril; we've heard about warming oceans and acidification and the eerie bleaching of these beautiful and important organisms. At the same time, however, the ocean and its creatures are so far removed from most of us – it's hard to understand what exactly is going on and how we may be contributing.

In this short video by Earth Vision Trust, which premiered on National Geographic's Short Film Showcase, Dr. Joanie Kleypas from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, explains what's going on and why the coral is dying at such an alarming rate. And while it is depressing, the situation is not without hope – as you will see as she describes how humans are helping to save these beleaguered creatures.

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