Shark Fight! Survivors of Attacks Battle For Protection of Sharks

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It's hard to forgive the cause of pain and loss in one's life, especially if that cause has a physical form like a shark. When you've lost an arm or leg because of a bite, the first thing you might want to do is grab a fishing pole and some big, sharp hooks. But these shark attack survivors are taking a different approach, understanding that the shark was simply being a shark and that these fish need far more protection from us than we need protection from them.

In a new show for Shark Week, Discovery Channel presents Shark Fight, airing tonight (August 14) at 10 pm EST.

They've lost limbs — and nearly their lives. But they haven't lost faith in the ocean's apex predator. Amazingly, shark attack victims around the world have devoted their lives to saving their attackers. The ocean heroes have turned what could have been tragedy into their life's mission, becoming some of the most powerful shark advocates on the planet. Meet the survivors and hear their stories of resilience and triumph as they fight to save sharks.

Among all the advocates for sharks, there are perhaps none as attention-grabbing and eye-opening as victims of bites. To see not only forgiveness but also the logic needed to keep Nature in perspective is inspiring, and hopefully these protectors will do as much good for promoting shark conservation as the face of a celebrity.

Shark Fight! Survivors of Attacks Battle For Protection of Sharks
While humans have a fear of sharks, it's the sharks who should be more fearful of us. Forgiving their attackers, some survivors are becoming sharks' most powerful allies.

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