Plastic Objects Photographed to Look Like Sea Creatures

Ocean plastic pollution is a serious issue. Plastics that have made their way into open waters are often mistaken for food by marine animals -- and it is no wonder when you look at plastic objects the way photographer Kim Preston has positioned them. Floating among the infinite blue, plastic objects look like jellies, fish, polyps and other edible sealife. And as Preston's work also highlights, a world of plastic "life"forms is what we are quickly turning our oceans into.

This series is called Plastic Pacific, and it features plastic objects we see and use everyday, only they are made to look very much like the sea creatures they are killing.

PetaPixel writes on Preston's method:

The simple concept was executive with a minimal budget and a very simple setup. Preston tells that she shot the photos using a Nikon D5000, Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 lens, Nikon SB600 flash, and Wesctott 43-inch Orb in her backyard shed.

All the objects (except the straws) were hanging from a clothes rack with an extended arm. The backdrop was some blue fabric stapled to the wall. Everything was held together using fishing line, double-sided tape, and gaffer tape. For the bags and shower caps, Preston would quickly puff them up and/or blow into them before snapping a shot with a wireless shutter release.

Each sea creature was captured by itself, so post-processing involved stitching the images together and color matching them in Photoshop.

It is truly wonderful to see more photographers coming up with clever concepts to bring attention to these important issues, such as what Preston as done here. Making art that sticks in the memories of viewers is an invaluable way to inspire real change.

Plastic Objects Photographed to Look Like Sea Creatures
This photo series takes a surreal look at how we are transforming our oceans into a plastic world.

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