Pac-Man Ship Eats Oil Spills (Wakka Wakka Wakka)

Pac-Man Ship Eats Oil

As BP's Gulf oil spill continues to suck, the internet has been bombarded with heartbreaking photos of oil-dipped wildlife and new interpretations of the BP logo. It's also helped showcase some of the more interesting ways an oil spill can be cleaned up. For example, this pac-man-esque oil recovery vessel.

The German Navy's Bottsand class oil recovery ship is built for handling seawater pollution control. The ship, with its twin hull, opens up by 65-degrees and captures seawater into a 790 cubic meter tank. There the vessel separates the oil from the water, processing 140 cubic meters of water every hour.

The ship first entered service during the 80's and are used to contain spills from German ships in the area. They are actually manned by civilians and not naval personnel. But with respect to the BP spill, I think we're going to need a bigger boat.

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Pac-Man Ship Eats Oil Photo
Pac-Man Ship Eats Oil Photo
Pac-Man Ship Eats Oil Photo

Source: Gizmodo via gCaptain
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