Oil Rig Diver Confronted by an Angry Sea Turtle (Video)

angry turtle confronts diver photoYouTube/Screen capture

It's all too easy to think, when considering the vast expanse of the world's oceans, that we humans can meddle beneath the waves like we own the place and do so without raising much alarm among the locals. But, as one oil rig worker learned on an unforgettable construction dive, even some of the ocean's most peaceable inhabitants can get fed-up with uninvited guests.

In the underwater footage above, captured in 2011 by a remotely operated vehicle monitoring work on platform off the coast of Thailand, a sea turtle is seen confronting the diver on duty. Though turtled aren't known for their expressive features, it doesn't take a degree in marine biology to see that the gentle ocean denizen is none too happy to have bumped into the commercial diver -- almost as if it knows of the dangers brought about by such oil and gas platforms.

While the animal's nipping beak seems to have had little discouraging effect on the platform worker, as an observer it's hard not to interpret the turtle's actions as a simple rebuke against the whole hazardous practice of underwater drilling.

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