Ocean Requiem: Amazing short film shows why we must protect our oceans (video)

Ocean Requiem
Screen capture Vimeo

A kaleidoscope of fascinating marine species

Ocean Requiem is a short film by Howard Hall, with original music by Alan Williams. It contains images that are as breathtaking as anything found in The Blue Planet or the water parts of Planet Earth.

Ocean RequiemVimeo/Screen capture

Hall said that he created the film as a subtle indictment of over-fishing and gill nets (it ends on a very sad image), and it's very effective at showing a great number of amazing species in a very short amount of time. It feels like many minutes could be spent on each scene...

Ocean RequiemVimeo/Screen capture

This is one to watch in HD and full screen with the sound turned up!

Ocean Requiem from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

Via Howard Hall Productions

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