Mozambique Approves Africa's Largest Coastal Marine Sanctuary

A final decision on the creation of a series of massive marine sanctuaries in Antarctica may have been punted off until next year, but word's come in on a small victory for ocean conservation. WWF has announced that Mozambique has announced the creation of the continent's largest coastal marine reserve, the Primeiras and Segundas environmental protection area.

The ten-island archipelago,

includes the most robust and diverse coral community in Mozambique. It is rich in mangroves, marine life, deep underwater canyons and large seagrass beds. Due to cold nutrient-rich upwellings, the archipelago is spared coral bleaching, a common problem in other coral-rich areas, making these some of the most globally productive and important reefs on the planet.

The protected area covers over 3800 square miles of ocean.

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