Losing Nemo: Short animated film about industrial overfishing

Losing Nemo
Screen capture Vimeo

2 trillion animals caught from the oceans each year!

Overfishing is one of the biggest problems our planet currently faces. Just imagine if instead of taking place underwater, unseen by most people, all of these activities took place on land. If we regularly saw huge industrial machines roam around the land, indiscriminately catching and killing billions of wild animals... This would be seen as totally unacceptable. Yet because it takes place in the oceans, most people never give it much thought.

The short film below tries to educate on this very problem. It was created by an international group of volunteers, and I think the result is quite amazing. See for yourself (watch it in full-screen and HD):

If you want to get involved, The Black Fish has a page with volunteering opportunities.

Via Losing Nemo, Black Fish Film

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