Japan has cut its quota of whales to be killed in the Pacific by 45% (how about 100% next time?)

Humpback whale photo
CC BY-SA 3.0 Wikimedia

Not long after the International Court of Justice declared that Japan's whale hunt around Antarctica was not "scientific" and that it should stop, the country has decided to reduce the scale of its whaling int he Pacific.

Quotas have been cut by 45%, from 380 to 210. That might not seem much, but I'm sure the 170 whales that won't be killed will be quite pleased about it. Now all we need is to get to a 100% reduction of those quota...

Interestingly, the beginning of Japan's whale hunt has been delayed from April 22 to 26 this year. The timing makes us suspect that this is to avoid overlapping with a visit by US Pesident Obama to Japan...

To avoid ending on a sad note, here's a beautiful video showing how majestic these underwater leviathans can be:

Via Aljazeera

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