Humpback Whales Go On a People-Watching Tour

Cool Whale Videos

Once in a while, I like to post videos of pictures of various living things, not because they are particularly threatened, but rather because they are beautiful and remind us why we are treehuggers in the first place. E.O Wilson's concept of biophilia can use some help once in a while, because most of us aren't very exposed to the wonders of this world. For example, let's take a second to consider our distant cousin, the humpback whale. This sometimes playful 80,000lbs mammal who's population had decline by over 90% back when whaling was at its peak is now reconquering the ocean. And once in a while, a few humpback whales take a holiday and go on a people-watching tour... Check out the video above to see that, or the ones below for an underwater perspective.

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