Greenland Stymied on Request to Increase Whaling Quota

Some good news coming out of the International Whaling Commission meeting: Greenland's request to increase its hunting quota was rejected, by a vote of 34-25.

Greenland had wanted to increase the number of whales it was allowed to kill each year, though exemptions in the commercial whaling ban for subsistence hunting, citing increased aboriginal demand for whale meat.

Recent investigations by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society have revealed though that it appears far more whale meat is being sold to tourists than anything else. Furthermore, though the population of Greenland has increased just under 10% in the past 24 years, the amount of whales it has requested to kill has increase 89% in the same time.

WDCS sums up the opposition to Greenland's proposal:

Criticism of Greenland was led by the Latin block of countries who pointed out their was little difference between what Greenland was doing in feeding whales to tourists and that practiced by commercial whaling operations.
Claims by Denmark on behalf of Greenland that they would not stop selling whale meat to tourists and that Greenland’s whalers could use baseball bats to kill whales if they wanted to, did little to endear Greenland to the rest of the IWC.

Greenland Stymied on Request to Increase Whaling Quota
Latin American countries led opposition to the request, saying that Greenland's sale of whale meat to tourists was no different than ordinary, banned, commercial whaling.

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